Managing Properties is Hard.  Doing it Remotely is Harder.

Welcome to our blog.  Stonecrest knows all about buying, owning and managing houses.  Being an absentee landlord is second nature to us.  We’ve done it (literally) thousands of times, all over the U.S. So we figured we’d share what we’ve learned.  We hope you find it helpful.  Questions?  Fill out the form on this site or give us a call.

California Nightmares: Part I

California is the land of dreams, from Hollywood to Silicon Valley.  But for landlords, sometimes its a different story. California Vastness California’s coastline stretches over 1,000 miles, and the state population exceeds 38 million. Whether you prefer owning property near the shoreline, on flatland, or in the mountains, or whether you prefer to own in…


Problem Tenants, Part 1: Resolving Disputes

Resolving Disputes You would be unrealistic to assume that renting nice property to an accomplished, responsible tenant will result in a problem-free rental period. Potential tenant problems may involve: Disputes among multiple tenants or with other neighbors Rental payments routinely paid after the due date (or not at all) Additional residents and/or pets added subsequently…


Keep Your Books in Order  

Don’t let yourself get swallowed up in the financial details of property management.  Follow these guidelines to maximize your income potential and minimize your tax bill. Embrace Your Inner Geek Landlord Ther are many effective and inexpensive online bookkeeping applications, such as Quickbooks, Freshbooks, and Xero, as well as specialty apps such as DIY Landlord…


Preparing for Natural Disasters

Sellers of real property must disclose known defects and deficiencies in the property—including earthquake weaknesses and hazards—to prospective buyers in accordance with Civil Code, Section 1102. The California Seismic Safety Commission has developed the following 2 earthquake guides: Homeowner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety and Commercial Property Owner’s Guide to Earthquake Safety The guides include information…